Weekend [No] Plans

Again. It's just hard to make any plans with this unpredictable weather. We did plan a few weeks ago to finally put our bikes to good use but the temperature suddenly dipped so low we decided to wait it out...and waiting we are until now.

Anyway, this weekend is again being spent indoors. We may or may not go out later on just to, well, get out of the house. I'm not very keen in going out because it's still cold but I also want to because I'm about to have cabin fever. According to our weather man, today will be warmer than yesterday although it will be cloudy. From the looks of it and by looking out the window, I don't really see any clouds. We originally thought of going biking this weekend but because of the forecast we scrapped that plan but now it looks like it may be a good day to do that.

Yesterday I spent the better part of the day cleaning. The man of the house had to attend to some business [in the other house] and I didn't want to tag along because it would mostly be me and the little one staying in the car while he went around doing what needed to be done so I decided to stay put and finish the chores at home.

For now, I'm just waiting it out. I know the hubby's just waiting for me to say something and we'll do it. Ah...decisions...decisions... In the meantime enjoy this video...


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