Sore Arm

Thanks to my annual [routine] blood test of course. I don't think I'll ever get used to being poked on the arm with a needle to draw some blood. I just don't like it...just like a lot of other people I'm sure. Added to that, the phlebotomist almost always has to hunt for my veins because they're virtually invisible. There were a couple of times when not one but two phlebotomists had to do it. That was torture because the first one poked me only to fail in drawing any blood so she had to take the needle out then had to call her supervisor who had to do it one easy try. I guess that's why she's the boss in that laboratory. Anyway, I had a few unfortunate experiences when it comes to this but I won't go into it anymore. I think I actually blogged about those times with accompanying pictures after they happened. Right now I'm just hoping that the result of both my and hubby's tests come back okay. The sore arm? It will get better in time I'm sure.

Yesterday was a busy morning for us. We were out the door before 7 AM because we wanted to be at the lab for the blood test as soon as it opens. We were done there at around 7:30. After that we went back home and waited for the bank to open...which is normally at 9 around here. We needed some documents notarized and the bank doesn't charge anything for it unlike some other places that charge at least $10 per document. We had to wait a few minutes at the bank because there were some people ahead of us. Once we're done there we went straight to the post office to mail the documents. That didn't take long and we were back home a little after 10. Not bad I must say because we accomplished what we wanted to in under 3 hours. Hubby headed to work as soon as we're done and the little one and I went with our usual programming.'s kinda' cold around here. We woke up with a temperature in the upper 30s/lower 40s. The highest today will only be in the 50s. It won't get any warmer until early next week I think so our hopes of biking over the weekend won't be happening. Maybe we can just hike or walk around a park just to get out of the house. We'll see. I know hubby has some things to do around the house this weekend so we'll play it by ear. Hopefully he'll finish it before the weekend is over.


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