Arctic Blast

Polar Vortex. Arctic Blast. Some new words I've been learning during this winter season. The Polar Vortex affected much of the north while this Arctic Blast is affecting the South...our state included. But there is no snow here. Atlanta GA was on a standstill yesterday as far as traffic is concerned. Some kids even had to stay overnight in school because they couldn't go home. Some people abandoned their cars because they ran out of gas while others spent the night in their cars because they were immobile. A woman even gave birth in the middle of it their car. Apparently the city of Atlanta didn't heed the warning beforehand so its people suffered the consequences. Well, that's per the news reports of course. Atlanta had a similar experience in 2010 and said they would not be caught in the same situation anymore. I guess not, eh?

As for us, we're having rain around here. Temperatures will only be in the 50s for most of today and tomorrow. But it's going to be warmer by Friday and weekend. How warm? How about temps in the upper 70s, almost hitting the 80s. Can you say...Hello Summer! Personally, it's wreaking havoc in my body as this kind of change in temperatures is the main culprit for my allergy attacks. I'm trying my best to keep my body temperature steady by bundling up. Hopefully I will be able to keep my allergies at bay in the next couple of days.


Ciela said…
Huling! Popping up here just to say hello.

Still on my grand vacation from blogland. Currently searching for the answer why I lost my passion for blogging.

Just remember, you are always think of! Love you!

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