Lost Ring

I was wondering why my husband brought his small metal detector last weekend when he went to meet up with his brother. As it turned out, he lost his wedding ring and he was digging through dirt trying to look for it. The small metal detector didn't help so he's now borrowing our never been used metal detector. Ugh! He's not even sure where he lost the ring. I couldn't blame him for looking because he's had that same ring for more than 20 years. But by the looks of it, there's very little chance he'll find it. I might as well send him this link where these titanium rings are sold and maybe he can think about getting a new one instead of going around in circles looking for his old ring. Hubby is hesitant to lend him the detector because he's not sure where his brother will take it looking for his ring. Hopefully he'll find it soon so he won't need the detector.


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