Whatta' Mess...

Our polonia tree which is situated in front of the house lost its leaves already for the winter. It started shedding its leaves a few months back but it's only when the temperature started dropping really low that it got bald. The result...a very messy front yard. When it was a little warmer, the little one and I were able to rake the leaves and put them in trash bags for disposal. Now that it's quite chilly, I just don't feel like braving the cold to pick up/rake the leaves hence the yard that is not so pleasing to the eyes...eyesore in other words. This reminds me when our neighbor still had his oak tree. That oak tree made so much mess in our backyard that I was fuming everytime I look out the window. That's mainly because it's not our tree and they rarely cleaned the mess it made. That tree has long been gone because the owner probably realized the heartaches it was causing poor me. Ha! Now it's our very own tree that's causing me heartaches. Ouch. But it's okay. At least our tree is not making our neighbors' yards messy...only our yard. It also doesn't have as many leaves so the mess is not as bad. I heard it's going to warm up this weekend. Hopefully I'll be able to help clean the yard then...that is if we don't have any other plans.

Speaking of our yard, it's been about 3 years now since hubby worked on our flower beds in front. We're planning in doing it again this spring because it now looks awful. Some of the plants we planted are still there but the mulch is mostly covered in dirt and some weeds invaded a good part of the flower beds as well so it's not pleasing to the eyes anymore. Some of the plants we had there were also pulled out already because they just started drying up even before the fall season. We may also have the yard re-sod because of the dollar weeds. They pretty much took over the yard already. So we may just have a total yard makeover soon. This is all of course dependent on how busy the man of the house will be come spring. Right now it's all plans. Who knows if those plans will materialize. Only time can tell. Yes?


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