Cold Days

Yep, we've been having below average temperatures around here so I'm cold. My 'cold' is different from other people's cold though because I get cold even if it's 74 in the house. The perfect temperature for me is actually 78 degrees. That's too hot for the man of the house so we turn down the thermostat to about 75 when he's around. These days the thermostat is pretty much set to 74 because if I turn it any higher, the heater will never be off because it's in averaging 40s outside. I'm in my thick clothes most days now. I'm dreading to see our electric bill for the months of January/February.

We've been planning to go biking for weeks now. Last weekend would have been the perfect weather for it for something came up and we had to stay indoors instead. This weekend, it's way too cold to do it. The bikes are loaded in the trailer in the garage. All we have to do is to drive somewhere  there is a bike trail. Hopefully we'll be able to do that one of these coming weekends. In the meantime, we're cooped up in the house not wanting to go anywhere. Well, we want to go somewhere...we're not willing to.


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