Visiting Family

During the holiday season we were able to spend some time with the husband's family. It was a much needed bonding time especially for my husband because he hasn't seen most of those we saw during this visit in at least 10 years. Yes we stay in touch by phone...especially because my husband is the go-to guy for everything. Everyone, especially his family would call him asking him questions from places to print postcards in nyc to what brand of computers to get or even to ask his input about some of their ideas which they believe will be the next 'million dollar' invention, etc. Name it and they've asked him about it. Anyway, the visit was a pleasant one. There was no drama whatsoever. It was all catching up and reliving the good ole' days. If there's anyone that enjoyed the visit the most, it would have to be the little one. She really likes seeing family because we don't get to see much of them down here. Hopefully we'll be able to do that again soon.


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