Keeping Our Fingers Crossed

I posted a few days ago that we've put our other house back in the market. Actually we relisted it since we never really took it off the marked. We may have a prospective buyer already although it's still a wait and see situation. They're  actually renting it for the month. We originally didn't want to rent it out but this is a unique situation. They're here to look at properties but the realtor they're working with didn't do what they asked so they decided to just not push through with that. They actually decided to go back home with a heavy heart. They planned in staying here until the winter is over so it was such let down for them to even think about going back home just days after leaving. Anyway, to make the long story short they decided to swing by my sister in law's place and that's how they heard about our other house. We felt bad for them so we decided to let them rent it. We're told they're weighing their options and they 'might' just decide to buy it. I'm not putting my hopes up but I'm 'hoping' [hmmm] that they decide to do so.


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