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After weeks of nothing but gorgeous weather, we had our share of not so good weather last week. We had rain for a couple of days and it concluded with freezing temperatures towards the end of the week. We actually woke up this morning to what looked like 'light' frosting on the grass. If the cold weather over the weekend didn't kill the grass, that frosting probably did it. I'm also thinking our plants that started to get new leaves during those spring like days we had a couple of weeks ago are probably on the verge of dying now. Oh well...it's still winter so it's expected. We will have a couple more days of 'cold temps' and after that, we're back to normal. By the end of this week, we are looking at mid to high 70s already. Woot!

Anyway, this past weekend we had plans of going back to a park we stumbled upon the a weekend ago. We thought we could go canoeing because the park has this river and they rent out canoes for park visitors. We really like the park so much that's why we planned in coming back so soon. But because of the freezing weather on both days [Saturday/Sunday], the plan went kaput. Instead, we stayed home on Saturday. Yesterday, Sunday, I decided to drag my sidekicks to the stores to buy some stuff for the box I'm sending back home. We also went to the Philippine store for my 'supplies'. Now, how ironic is that? First we went to get stuff from here that I can send to my family in the Philippines...then we went to the Philippine store so I can get stuff from the Philippines. Yep, we're never satisfied with what we have, are we? I guess it is how it is, eh? Since BIL's house is near the Philippine store, we decided to swing by their place to say hi. Needless to say, it's a very long "hi" because we were there for hours.

That's basically how our week & weekend went. Nothing exciting...even on Vday which was like any ordinary day with the exception of some cards exchanged and a couple boxes of chocolates.

Have a great week ahead!


Ciela said…
Cold weather I guess is a lot better than freaky hot climate that we are starting to experience now. On the other hand, nae-excite naman ako kasi it means summer is coming at katapat nun e beach time. Weeehh!

Yes, it is how it is, Huling! :)) Sending out goodies to the Phils. but hoarding Pinoy goodies from Phil. store. Exactly like my SIL who's in CA. hehe..

I'm just imagining how lovely that park with a river. Sarap mag-canoe! Sama ako!! hahaha.. Okay, just post your pix on that park when you go there again, then masaya na ako. :)

Ay, nag-Valentines na ba? Aha haha!
I don't call that day Valentines. It was just another Thursday to me. :(
Belated Happy Thursday Huling! Blessings lagi sa yo at sa yong mag-ama! Ingat!

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