Allergy Attack

It's been a while since I had one but I guess nothing lasts forever, eh? Lack of sleep and change in weather...these are the 2 biggest factors that can trigger my worst allergy attacks. If I don't get to sleep before midnight for a few consecutive nights [2 or more], then I can expect some sniffling for a day or so. As far as the weather goes, if it's cold [mid-60s or lower] and I don't bundle up soon enough, then that calls an allergy attack. If I factor in both at the same time, I end up with a day like today. Constant sneezing, non-stop sniffling and blowing of nose which would result to a sore nose for the days to come. Ugh! That's my life today anyway.

Other than that...things are fine around here. It's a slow start for this week but that doesn't really mean anything. There are weeks when it starts slowly [work-wise anyway] then it picks up as we go. I'm just glad it's not as busy today because I've been sniffling so much and all I can think about is going back to bed. That's all I can do about it anyway ~ think about it [going back to bed] because I have about 8 hours to go before that can be a reality so I decided to blog instead.

The weekend went by fast as usual. We went driving around last Saturday. I think we went up to 3 different counties north of us just to explore. Just like the last several times we did this, no destination in mind. We just wanted to see the areas around here. We were out for a few hours and came back home just in time for dinner. We decided to pick up some food on the way home instead of stopping to eat out. That way I didn't have to cook or prepare anything and we can eat with our feet up in the comfort of home. Plain and simple. The next day, Sunday, was a stay indoors day. I did a few loads of laundry and watched some shows on Netflix and on You Tube. It's also the Superbowl so hubby watched the game as well. I didn't watch since my team didn't make it. I just watched some commercials whenever I could. I wasn't that interested because I can catch them online anytime anyway so why bother, right?

I guess this explains how I'm feeling right now ~ thanks to my allergies....


J said…
I can imagine you sneezing non stop. isang zyrtec lang ang katapat haha.

have a great week Tuks.
Ciela said…
Oh, kahirap ng ganyan na sneezing all the time! Better take your meds na. Sabi nga ni J, isang zyrtec lang yan.

Dami nyo pinuntahan last Saturday, sana pa-share naman nung sceneries of places you've been to. Alam mo naman ako, seeing places kahit photos lang, saya na. hehe..

O sya, pagaling ka agad kahit galit si Garfield sa Monday. (ang layo 'no? lol)
~ "C" said…
MARE! Miss you na. Thanks for visiting my blog. Kahit ilang beses ko sabihin magiging regular ako, hindi ko na magawa buhuhu.

How are you na? I have a new blogsite -- but this time it's more focused on art. I'm just building my blogroll. Ikaw ang una kong ilalagay!

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