The Virus Strikes Again...

...and I got hit first! It's that pesky cold virus again, of course.

I started having the symptoms when I woke up on Tuesday. It escalated as the day went on. By midnight, it got worse. I woke up at 2 AM with a 102 temperature. Not good. I took some Tylenol and it helped a bit because it brought my temperature down to 100. But when I got up the next morning, it's back to 102 again. Not fun. I just took my medicine diligently and by late afternoon, I was feeling a lot better...although I still sounded 'dreadful'. Today, I'm up and running...err...walking again. I feel little bit of tickle in my throat but I'm trying my best to ignore it and not cough. I actually coughed a little bit last night but not too bad. I'm just crossing my fingers that the virus didn't make a move to anyone here in the house. I tried to do some precautionary measures to avoid that like not letting the little one linger where I've been at in the house. No close contacts with me and Lysol is being sprayed everywhere I go. Let's just hope they worked. We have to wait a few days to see if it did.

I also took the day off yesterday. I just stayed in bed most of the time to help me recuperate faster. I think that helped a lot because I really feel a lot better today. Hopefully I'll continue to get better and can get back to my regular routine soon.


J said…
mukhang missing ata comment ko, unless hindi ka pa napadpad dito. I was here yesterday at kumatok hehe.

henywey, I hope you're feeling a lot better na. mukhang raring to go for lakwatsa ka na.

enjoy your weekend. hugs to my pamangkin and to you na rin (kaya lang hindi ko type madapuan ng virus LOL).

take care.
Ciela said…
Apir tayo Huling! Ako din, down with fever the last two days. Now lang din nakabawi. We had similar symptoms.. cough and mine with added difficulty in breathing. Pinalabas ko tuloy yung bunch of fresh flowers na bigay ke daughter. Feeling ko kasi yun ang nag-trigger ng asthma like symptoms ko.

Glad you're also doing well now. Bawal talaga ang magkasakit! Ingat!

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