Another Week...

Wow. It's like days are just flying us by. Before we know it the 'ber' months will be rolling in. Oopps...let me hold it right there...let's not go there yet. Let's enjoy the weekend first, eh?

No plans yet here for the weekend. I have a 'feeling' we may go biking though. Hub's doctor advised him to try biking to help him lose a few pounds. He's actually happy with his weight but his back is not. Since it's not really that big of a deal because he only needs to shed about 5 to 10 pounds, 15 at most,  the doctor just told him to find something he enjoys doing and do it to increase his activities, especially on the weekend. It seems our driving around on the weekend where he's stationary for the most part doesn't count because he's not really moving, like 'really moving'. Since we have our 'trikes' in the garage, we figured we can use them and have fun together at the same time exercise. We barely use those bikes anyway because I don't like biking on the street. I hate looking behind us to see if there are cars coming. This time we're going on a bike trail so no need for me to worry about incoming cars...just incoming bikes. Ha!

Anyway, I'm sure we'll still go on those 'aimless driving' we love to do so much. We'll just have to squeeze in some things we can do that will make us move more instead of just sitting in the car sight seeing. Speaking of the 'aimless driving', I promised somebody that I will be posting some pics from some of those trips. The pictures are nothing exciting since we don't normally stop during these drives. We just drive and drive and then drive home. But a promise is a promise so here are some photos from the few times we stopped to enjoy the view outside of the car....


J said…
promise mo ito kay Tita B? pagka-bitin Tuks, kasi yung pamangkin ko nakatalikod tapos yung nakaharap ang layo ng kuha. (hahaha nagreklamo pa ang gurang na Tita. if I know po-police-in ka ni M sa kaka-post ng pic ng aking pamangkin).

si M type ang rough terrain driving huh? he has the right vehicle to do it with. fearless guess ko : yung ride niyo is a Subaru?? parang kamukha kasi ride ng pamangkin ko. although on second thought if I remember it right like ni M exclusively American made. pero pwede naman nagbago choice niya.

we are in the middle of a snow storm. we're very anxious kasi parang reminiscent of Sandy ulit. ang kulang lang we were not asked to evacuate.

o siya, when you go biking this weekend kuha ulit ng pics ha. I want to see my pamangkin on her pink bike. ingat kayo.
Ciela said…
Whoaa!!! So thrilled by just looking at those lovely pix! They truly make my heart leap, promise! Naku naman, why are you keeping these awesome shots from us Huling?! Na-activate na naman ang yearning ko to see the land of Uncle Sam. Gosh, super ganda talaga ng Hamerica! Hayyzz.. kelan ko kaya marating ang matulaing lugar na yan? Siguro, dapat matulog muna ako 'no? Baka sakali, sa panaginip. Lol!
Thanks for keeping your promise.hehe.. and most of all thanks for the link! (feeling special eh!) Lab yu, Huling!

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