I like to reassess things in my life every so often. Don't you? I tend to do that also everytime something what I just went through the past few months. Because of this particular event, I started to think more about insurance in particular. No, I'm not terminally ill but that's just the point. Should I wait until I am before I start thinking about things like this? I don't think so. Life is very unpredictable. One day we're good, the next day, we're not. So now, I'm looking for help with life insurance policies that I can possibly get just in case. I used to have 2 or 3 of them when I was still single. I got them because I wanted to make sure my parents [and my other beneficiaries] are taken cared of if something happened to me unexpectedly. Nothing did but it was worth having those policies if only for my peace of mind. It's the same thing this time around. Peace of mind. To me that's priceless...


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