Hello Allergies!

It's actually the second day of spring already...officially that is! Here in our state, if not for the blooms & plants that are starting to show some life already, you can't really feel that much of a difference between spring & summer. It can be winter but we can have temperatures here as high as mid-80s some days. It's only the second day of spring but we're already seeing record high temperatures that it's starting to feel like summer already. Crazy, eh? What can I say...that's just the way it is here.

Anyway, as my title says...spring = allergies as well. Although in my case it's already a way of life so the season doesn't even count anymore when it comes to mine. Still, many people have worsening symptoms during this time of year so better be prepared. I know I would be...stacking up on allergy meds anyway.


Ciela said…
Colorful flowers everywhere! I can only imagine the lovely surroundings. Sana no allergy attack for you this spring time. Ang hirap kaya nun. Yan din ang problem ni daughter dito eh!

Still busy on preparations? Ang saya! Enjoy the day and ingat!

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