Hubby likes to help other people especially if they ask for it. It is this trait of him that makes other friend/acquaintances & family alike go to him or ask him from the most complex to the simplest stuff. Sometimes I even think that some of them just don't want to do anything anymore because he'd willilingly do it for them. Of course there's a demarcation line somewhere as to what he'd do for somebody. Anyway, this is also the reason why he also gets asked or told of some unusual stuff [mostly personal] sometimes especially by some of his [older] male friends...which by the way is the majority of his friends. What kind of weird stuff? This particular asked him at one point on some advice how to keep it burning in the bedroom. You know what I mean? I didn't even know men ask such things amongst themselves. Hubby said not usually. I guess this guy was desperate or maybe hubs just gives off the vibe that he can be asked anything. I don't know. Anyway, I don't know what he told his friend but if I were him I would have told him to read more about libido maxand keep it at that. Come to think of it, that friend hasn't called him in a long time. I guess he found another 'confidant'???


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