Back Pains

I don't get a lot of back pains myself but the husband does. He told me several times that one of the things he wants done in the future is probably some kind of a surgery on his back to relieve him of the pain that just wouldn't go away completely. Apparently he's not the only one in the family that has some back problems. His brother wants to inquite more about Spine surgery Houston because his back pain is delibitating already. He's in and out of jobs because of it and he wants it fixed once and for all. Another brother also has some back problems. His back pain though is caused by an accident when he was still 'young and foolish'...his words. He lives close enough to us so we visit their place every now and then. During one of our visits he asked me to walk on his back to help relieve the pain. I was very hesitant to do it but his wife said my weight is perfect to help him so I gave in. I guess I helped even for just a bit because he was able to get up after I walked all over him....LOL!


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