First of the Season

That's the first [maybe second?] flower on our blackberry bush - left pic! There are a few buds here and there already but it's the first bloom I've seen so far so I had to take a snap of it. Funny thing is the bushes aren't so bushy yet [read: BALD-y]. Yep, the bushes are just twigs at the moment but they're getting there. It's just funny that there is is this ONE bloom sticking out. Anyway, it seems we will have another good blackberry season this year. If we haven't been pulling out the stray ones, we would probably have more but we didn't want the little blackberry bed to look like a forest so we try to tame them as much as we can.
Anyway, aside from the blackberry bushes we can also see most of our plants in front starting to show some form of life just like our Gold Mounds Duranta along the walkway - top right. We have about 7 of them and most of them have the gold leaves starting to show. The grass is another story though....struggling! Hopefully we'll have a better looking garden in the weeks to come.


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