Marketing a Business...

The husband is all alone at work right now. That means he has to take care of everything all by himself...which he does most of the time anyway. Still, it's good to know there's an extra pair of hands around when something unexpected a machine malfunctioning. That's exactly what happened this morning. He's trying to finish a job when the compressor decided to quit. Now instead of finishing the job, he's fixing the compressor. That also means he cannot do what he set out in doing today...find an online marketing company like triangle direct media. He wants to start advertising his business online again. That's how he started his marketing. Then they started getting busy [partly because of the online marketing] so he no longer had the time to do that himself so the online marketing was put on hold.

He knows that in order to get far in the business industry he needs exposure out there and he plans in 'getting far' so to speak. It's been more than 5 years since they started. They're making money alright but now enough to give them the lee-way to play around the business field. He wants to expand and in order to do that, they need more work. To get more work, they need to marked their product and their company. Simple...yet not really. Hopefully, he'll be able to get the chance to do that soon.


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