Cute yard sign for a great yard sale

Guest post written by Amy Havershaw

My husband likes to call me a curator of stuff. I'm always coming home with shopping bags full of flea market finds that are always really cute, but it ends up that they're not always a great fit for our home. So some of that stuff is cast away to our basement and then put up for sale in our yearly spring yard sale. It pains me to see this great stuff go, but at least I think some people are going to put these things to proper use!

But I'm obviously not putting on a yard sale for my health. I could use the extra cash too and decided to make some good signs this year so people will be able to find it better. When I was looking for some DIY yard sign help I ran across this site on debt consolidation and read through it. We could really use some help with our debt, so this might be the option we've been looking for.

I did find some really great ideas and settled on one for my cute yard sign. It looks a little vintage but still has lots of bright paint on it to attract some clientele for my yard sale.


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