I said I'm done shopping for the things we're going to bring with us for our trip back home. I should have known better than to even utter a word about that. Those who has been on trips like this one know that you're never done shopping until you're actually BACK from the trip. Ha! Anyway, I just got an email from my niece asking for a favor. She wants me to get her a pair of nursing scrubs for her. She said that I don't have to if there's no time to look for them but I know I will feel guilty if I don't get her even just a pair. Ugh! I know the husband will laugh at me...again because I already broke my word....twice [or is it thrice?] when I got something last weekend. At the rate I'm going, we may just go over the allowable baggage limit. Nope...that's just not going to happen because the fee for that is just outrageous. So whatever doesn't fit, will have to wait until I can ship a box sometime before the holidays. Sigh...the stress of taking a trip.


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