Long Hair Equals....

...an hour in the shower???

Aside from a "little accident" when she was, maybe 2 [when SHE decided to trim her hair in front] and a little trim to get rid of the dry ends of her long locks, the little one never had a haircut...until 2 weekends ago. She's been asking us if she could have it [the haircut] for a while now. She's been convincing us to let her have one and one of her reasons was it takes too long to wash [I know because she takes forever in the shower] and she promised she won't have to take an hour in the shower if her hair is shorter. I [we?] always said no haircut. Okay, it was mostly me saying no. Dad always said: Ask you mother. I guess that's between the 2 girl kind of thing? Anyway, I finally gave in 2 weeks ago. Her hair ran towards her hiney. She wanted a shoulder-length hair cut. We negotiated so she now has a shorter do. It's a couple inches below her shoulder blades. Not too long, not too short. She's happy with it, I'm happy with it. So now she doesn't take long in the shower anymore, right? Well, wrong. She still takes long in there but not an hour anymore. I guess the haircut really did help to shorten her shower time, eh? Hopefully, it doesn't go back to being an hour [sometimes longer] as her hair grows back.


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