All Grown Up

My little girl that is. In a few weeks, she'll be another year older. Just like a lot of parents like me, I'm still in awe as to how fast she has grown before our eyes. She's almost as tall as me a few weeks ago which means she may be taller than me now. She's starting to ask us questions that are more 'grown-up' kind of questions. She's a girl so a lot of her questions now have something to do with general. She's a very smart girl but she still believes a lot of the things she sees on TV, on other words, advertisements. Just like a lot of girls her age, she's fascinated with how perfect the models look on magazines. I have to tell her that a lot of them have professional airbrush makeup done on them to look that way. I want her to be aware that there has been some alterations done to these models pictures to look that good. So far she's been grasping it all pretty good. I'm just hoping she'll continue to have an open mind about these things or I'll have a tough job ahead of me....


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