Taking Road Trips

Not my cup of tea actually.

I can probably count with the fingers on one hand the road trips I've taken in my entire life. Actually I probably had more but I can only recall some of them. The trips were mostly with friends who had nothing better to do during summer vacations during my early years of teaching so we would take off for about a week without any concrete destinations. We always took a particular friend's car during those trips just because it had a killer sound system. Not sure what kind of speaker she had, probably a Rockford Fosgate, but it was fun to sing along whenever we were in her car. The 'singing along' part actually made those long road trips bearable and fun and probably saved my sanity during those hours and hours of nothing but cruising along the highway and dirt roads sometimes. Still, I never really got to like road trips even if I had a lot of fun taking some with my closest friends. I guess I'm just not into those kind of things, eh?


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