Finding the Best Deal...


Wow...I didn't blog at all yesterday! I was a bit busy with work because we were trying to beat a deadline...which is today. I *think* we made it. I have yet to hear from my boss but all the work that needed done was all done last night before I retired for the day....around 12 MN. Ugh! Anyway, now I can concentrate in doing what the husband has been asking me to do since last week...find different car insurance quotes. Why? We got a mail from our insurance company last week letting us know that there will be some changes that will take effect next year. It was not stated what *changes* but we have the feeling that it may have to do with raise...of fees of course. Now that I am finally considering this thing called 'learning to drive', we will need not only one but two insurance so we are looking for deals that we can benefit from.

Alrighty then....I have to get going before some more work is released. I'm hoping to finish this insurance thing today...wish me luck in finding the best deal out there.


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