My Christmas Gift...

... has arrived! Yep, it's in the house already. It came in the mail last Friday but I wasn't able to blog about it right away. I have not taken a picture of it but let me give you a clue now...I'm using it right now. LOL...can you guess what it is? hehehe...
Anyway, I'll post some pictures later. We need to head out in a few here because we weren't able to do that yesterday. Yours truly had a 'visitor' and was not feeling well yesterday so we had to postpone the trip to the store.
Have a great week ahead everyone! Be good.....


Ciela said…
Let me make a guess! If it's something you're using right now.. it sure is a .. CHAIR! he he he..

Seriously now, a laptop? You're hubby's so sweet naman!

'Hope your "visitor" won't bother you anymore.Enjoy your last minute shopping, J!

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