Watch and Be Amazed!

Needle Sized Art
Very incredible story! Not only is this mans art cool but he got a ton of cash for it!


Ciela said…
Ah, this man definitely has all the patience in the world. That's one unbeatable task.

How's your Christmas tree? Is it up yet?!

This is still another lazy weekend here. he he..
BongFlo said…
wow! this man is totally out of this world. really blew me out! imagine an artwork that small and the details... mindblowing! galing niya.
anyway, weekend was a lot something like yours too, lazy. trying to finish up on the detailing of my father in law's car. just some small work basically, finishing touches really as i'm to turn it over to him today, monday. you too have a nice week ahead. btw, have you tried triond? somebody suggested it to me and am going over there now for look see. ciao!

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