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Nope, it's not that 'famous Christmas Lists''s actually a tag!! Tada!!! Anyway, I got tagged by 3 lovely ladies so I felt that I probably should do the tag already, eh? Thanks to Joyce of PinayMamas' Diary, Beth of All about Elizabeth and Cecile of ...Life is Good and Beautiful for passing on this tag to me.

As per the title of the's all about the Husband...and our story, I reckon? LOL...

Here are "The Rules"

1. Pick your sweetest picture when you were still friends and post it on top of the questions and answers.
2. Another pic now that you are together post it after the questions.
3. Share to how many friends you like.
4. Enjoy doing it c:
5. Let your hubby read it too!


We don't have a picture as friends 'per se' since we met the old fashion! But we have some pics when we first met. This was taken in Tagaytay...on the 3rd day he was here and the day we were flying to the US. Yep, we met in person and have been together sense in spending time apart, right? Sorry, the picture is a bit dark...I had to scan it since this was before the digi cam craze...

People's Park June 13, 2001
And now for the questions:

--> Can you remember the day you first met your hubby?

We met and in person....and I remember both times very clearly! [Long story of how we met here...]

--> When was that? (doesn’t have to be specific)

Online...I sent him a message on April 21, 2001, he replied soon after. In person, we met for the first time on June 11, 2001 when I picked him up at NAIA at about 4 AM. Not very specific, eh?

--> First impression

I obviously thought he was good looking...enough for me to send him a message. When we finally spoke on the phone, I thought he was very gentle. In person, he looked just the way he said he would...shy! Very sweet...

--> Were you attracted to him?

Physically, obviously! I sent him a message, didn't I? But I wasn't expecting the relationship to go as far as it did. I was just curious...and now I'm married...with a 6-year old to boot...

--> Were you friends before he became your bf?

Friends? Not sure if you would call it a friendship...but there's something...not quite sure what to call it. We 'connected' let's put it that way.

--> What was the sweetest thing he did for you?

He married me? about traveling to the Philippines, his first time ever out of the US, to meet me and the family. His family was against his travel plans because news of foreigners being abducted were rampant at that time. He did anyway.

--> What are the things about him that you are thankful for?

He is very hardworking...responsible...faithful....ambitious [and he does something about it, too]...and a nut case [in a good way]. I can't imagine being married to someone who cannot make me laugh. That would be one boring life, eh?

Here are a couple more pictures...
Giddy Newly Wed...Aug 17, 2001

And now there's 3.....April 2008

Now, who do I tag??? How about...Umma, Ate Beng, Cathy, Darlene, Eds, Honey, Mitch, Ruby [PinayMommyOnline], Ruby and Juliana. How about that ladies? Care to share how you and hubby got together?


hello mommy, thanks for doing the tag! Your family is so cute mommy!!!
Umma said…
Ahhhh... thats the magic of LOVE Mommy matter how distance separates you, God will find a way if it is meant to be.

Super guapo naman ni hubby mo, he looks so sweet and loving. No wonder ur little princess is a stunner.. beauty runs in the family... what a great combination.

One more baby.. one more baby.. hahaha
Vhiel said…
oy ganda naman ng mga photos... :)
Unknown said…
Hi Mommy Jul. Will sure to do this one. Thanks for tagging me!!!

How's you week so far. It's not as cold here today but wet. All the from yesterdays's ice are now melted.

Malapit na ang pasko!
Unknown said…
Oh, I forgot. I love all the photos. Sweet nyo naman.
Cecile said…
Jules, thanks for posting your love story :-)i loke it!

what a lovely story as well as family you have, not to mention a good looking husband, daughter and of course, Mama :-)
honey said…
Hi Ate J.. Miss my hubby.. wish ganun lang kadali yung paper works namin... btw hubby plan to be here next year prolly for good.. :) yehhey!..

I will give u a buzz te when I'm done.. muaahh!
Ciela said…
Thanks so much for this. I do appreciate being tagged by you. I've been tagged already but haven't posted yet. 'Will do this soon.

Sobrang ganda ng family mo, J. Perfect combination talaga kaya perfect sa ganda ang bunga!Dapat pinaparami ang ganyang lahi!

See yah..
Beth said…
ganda ng pics, ang gganda ng lahi---hehehe! and also the love story-ganda din! thanks for doing the tag!!!
ay sows! 3 days pa lang nagkita nakahawak na sa baywang! lol!
i had to come back kasi medyo nalito ako. you said "his 3rd day here and the day we were to fly to US" -- you mean he fetched from Pinas then got married in US?
Michelle said…
hi mommy J! thanks for tagging me on this one. i have to find the pics for this tag coz they're hiding somewhere. :)
me said…
Wow..great love i wish I could my own i can share our photos too..LOL...
DebbieDana said…
Beautiful photos! You have a lovely family Mommy J!

Have a great Thursday!

Debbie :)
Blogger Boys said…
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Madz said…
Hi pretty mommy Jul, love magic turns every negative thing to good! Wow, sweet as in super!

I was tagging you with this as well, wasn't really sure if t'was sent through...

Anyway, here's mine:

God bless!! mwah wmah mwah, stay sweet...
Nanaybelen said…
how cute naman ang love story nyo. Nakakakilig hehe
Anonymous said…
God Bless!
Anonymous said…
ayan ang dami kong nalalaman sa iyong happy love story. More happiness!
Chubskulit Rose said…
wohooooo , love is in the air hehehe... love the latest pic, so sweet!

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