Christmas is Giving...


They say that Christmas is for kids…and I couldn’t agree more especially now that I have a child. I enjoyed Christmas myself when I was a kid myself. Our little one is very excited that she actually marks her calendar without fail which heightens her anticipation. She made a list a long time ago and is now awaiting for Santa to drop by to bring her presents. She already asked me to leave him some brownie under the tree in case he’s hungry.

I still enjoy Christmas now that I am an adult. Of course the reasons have changed since instead of receiving gifts, I now give gifts to loved ones. But gift giving to me is not just about material things. I really think it out before I get someone a gift. This is especially true this year since life is a bit tough for everybody because of the economic pinch. I still give material presents like shirts, CDs, etc but I am also giving the gift of life…sort of. How? I am planning in giving my sister a C'Elle subscription for Christmas.

The best gift I have ever received is a gift of life…my daughter. So when she was born we decided to have her cord blood preserved in hopes that if she’s ever afflicted with a disease, the cord blood will help save her life. C’elle is doing something similar by preserving stem cells from menstrual blood. It is believed that menstrual blood cells can differentiate into other cell types like heart and bone stem cells. This can only mean that it has the potential to treat diseases such as MS or Parkinson’s disease.

So if you are still looking for that one meaningful gift to give someone you love, why not give them the gift of life. Don’ you think there’s someone in your life who deserves to get the gift of C’elle?


Tey said…
Tinme for sharing and forgiving. Merry Xmas to you Juliana.
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