Dieting 101


It is such a beautiful day outside. The sun is shining and the temperature is in the 60s right now. It would have been a perfect day to go out and enjoy it....but I don't feel like going out. My tummy is all messed up from trying to skip meals. I tried to cut on my rice, as in totally removing it from my meals and I don't think my tummy likes it. I noticed that I started having gas pains and all that's associated with it eversince I stopped eating rice. The good news? I lost a few pounds...but I am not happy about it because of my stomach troubles. So I have decided to go eat rice again and just research on the different diet products that I can *probably* try. I have never tried dieting before much less taking any diet pills so I really need to read first before I do anything again. I don't want to end up having some tummy troubles again so I better learn whatever it is I need to learn before trying to lose some excess poundage. I wonder if there's a class called 'Dieting 101' that I can attend? Hmmm...


BongFlo said…
'tis the season for indulging a bit juls. saka na lang pag tapos ng pasko at bagong taon yang diet mo. a few pounds added would not kill you. besides, those extra pounds gained would give you something to work on after the holidays. just watch what you eat and a little of something is not bad, ang sobra ang nakakasama. i guess the hard part for us pinoys is the transition from a rice meal to a non rice meal as we are really rice eating people. one safe way to gradually wean away from rice is by substituting something instead of rice. for this, you may try some dinner rolls, or pasta. konti-konti muna until your tummy gets the hang of it. it feels like we easily go hungry at first, daling magutom and it feels like your not satisfied at all eating without rice. the pinoy diet kasi is basically carbo laden kaya mahirap mag adjust. and about that skipping of meals, thats bad ha, try eating less na lang during each meal, like cutting your normal food intake into half, that way, hindi maninibago tiyan mo. anyway, have a great weekend friend, all the best in this season of food, shopping, gifts and eating. ciao!

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