Insurance Dilemma...

One of the things I dread coming in the mail [at least] once a year is a notification letter from our health insurance company letting us know that they're increasing our premium. I hate it when that happens simply because our premium doubled already since we started with them a few years ago. It would have been justified if we actually use it much but we don't so it's aggravating when they do a premium hike. But what can we do, right?

Anyway, we're trying to stick it out with them so we decided to just change plans. But we before we switch plans, we want to see the whole contract of the new plan. I emailed a week ago asking for it and up until now, I have not received any reply to my email. Aggravating! Now I'm thinking of switching company altogether so I'm browsing different sites like Wholesale Insurance to see what's out there for us. I'm 101% sure there will be a lot of other companies who will take us as their new customers. I'm hoping I'll get a much better deal as far as premium is concerned. If our current insurance provicer doesn't want our business, that's fine with us. It's their loss, not ours.


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