Just Married!

Yep, another friend took the plunge last week...in Hawaii! Exciting eh? I wish I was there but I wasn't. It was too far and time just wouldn't permit us to be away for more than a day or so. W-O-R-K...that's the culprit.

It seems it was only a few weeks ago when I got one of her bridal shower invitations in the mail and now she's a full-pledged wife just like me and our other friends. You know what's even more exciting...we now share the same last name. Ha! Yes we do. When I first got the announcement, I thought it was a joke or a spam email. I knew her husband's first name but not his last name so when I got a save the date e-mail, I thought it was odd that it's her and my [now] last name in there. I sent her a message right away to ask if the announcement was legit and it was. She said she wanted to surprise me...LOL. Oh well...I guess she succeeded then.

Anyway, she already posted their first picture as husband and wife. They both look happy and content. Now the wait starts...for their little one to arrive of course.


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