Christmas Shopping

I know it's not even the 'ber' months but I already started shopping for some Christmas presents. I'm actually looking for some presents for my family back home. I have to do it a lot earlier than usual because I have to make sure I can send everything at least 2 months before Christmas itself since I'm sending it using balikbayan box which takes about 5 to 6 weeks to arrive to its destination. Anyway, this morning I've been looking at some plus size clothes for my sisters-in-law. Yep, they're all on the big side but they're loving it...and my brothers don't mind that their wives are on the plus size because they're also on the plus size themselves. Also, weird at it may sound to others, they seem to think that being the size that they're in is a sign of being happy and content. My father thought so as well and he was very happy when my mother was on the heavy side.

I've never worn plus size clothing myself. I've always been on the skinny side that I never thought I'd cross over 100 pounds...ever. I actually did cross over 100 pounds [plus some more] and I couldn't be any happier...but my health started to suffer a wee bit so I decided to lose a few pounds. Anyway, I may not need plus size clothing for women right now but who knows, right? My sisters in law started out like me...thin as a stick but as the years passed they started adding pounds in their thin frames. Luckily, none of them is having any serious health issue at the moment. I'm hoping that won't happen...fingers crossed of course.


Ciela said…
So does it mean I am weird too once in while? I also look at those big size bodies as a sign of happiness and contentment. :) The reason why I'm trying my best to get big but to no avail. :(

How's your week going so far Huling? Here, I'm trying to cope with household chores and blog hopping simultaneously. Kaya pa rin naman! hehe :D Sana hindi maulan dyan, di katulad dito. Ingat!

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