I used to get really excited when Wednesday comes rolling in. Sadly, I haven't had the chance to be that excited because of the busy schedule I've been having in the last few months. My schedule is not as crazy as it was a few weeks ago so now I have the time to get all excited about "Wednesdays"....AGAIN...woot!

Work is still busy but we're not behind schedule anymore...at least none that I know of anyway. Our boss said that we've been beating deadlines so she's very appreciative of that. I think we finally got into the groove of the situation so our production has been steady which means we can somehow 'relax' a bit which I'm doing right now by blogging.

At the moment, we're having a gloomy day in our neck of the woods. The temperature is still in the mid-80s but it doesn't feel as bad because Mr. Sun is hiding behind the clouds. Rain will be here soon which is good especially for the few plants that we have. I haven't watered them in weeks because of the rain that falls regularly. I guess that's another reason why I have some free time as well...hmmm...

Anywhoooo...I'm signing off here for now. Like I said, work is still waiting so I have to get to it at one time or another. The sooner I get to it...the better...so



Anonymous said…
Dara, atyu kumu keni busy ko kasi maneg aral kung magdrive meg exam naku written, baka mag roadtest naku murin in 2 weeks. Lulub ko kasi keng klase ko weekends pasalamat ku meyari ne ing in-class behind the wheels na mu 5 hours pa.

At ngening abak me interbyu ku keng USC, mipasar naku man hahhahha :) Mag Oath ku kanu this month.

Komusta na ing balesoso mo? Bala mu magbalesoso ku mu naman peru siguru uling atin ku mu kaya makanini ku panandaman.

Ot kaku pwede namang keng IE, sebukan ke gagana ne man. Pero ing homepage ko kasi mozilla ya talaga.
Anonymous said…
Dara keni istung first timer DL applicant ka atin ka pang written test tabalu keng FL.

Ing jurisdiction mo DC ya kasi atyu ka keng East Coast, nyang kanta itang kaleguran ku menta la pa talaga keng DC para mu mag renew passport. Ala wari kekayung caravan? Kasi atin lang grupo mumunta keng every state para magprocess passport, dual, at any related consulate work.

Aku pepag applyan nakung Joe ku kasi malalakwan kung pane nung magbaye ya nyahahah :)Ngeni makatuki tuki na ku kaya.
J said…
good for you at hindi na masyadong toxic ang work. how's your UTI pala? I hope oks ka na.

it's been cooler here lately. umaabot na ulit kami sa low 70's but we're right by the water kaya lower palagi ang temps. at this time of the year, naaalarma na ako at malapit na naman ang taglamig.

a few hours at weekend na ulit.ang bilis ng panahon talaga. before we know it pasko na.

enjoy your weekend.ingat kayo.
Anonymous said…
Darrrraaaannnn!!!!! Happy friday dara kong lagu lagu!

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