That's what we're having right now. It's kinda' soothing and relaxing...when there is no..

We already had a quick power failure which of course messed up our lovely cable box of course. I have it when that happens. It takes forever for it to reboot so whatever it is I was watching is usually done once the cable's done rebooting. Oh...and it also takes forever for it to find 'signal' whenever it's gloomy or raining. THIS IS WHY WE'RE CANCELING it soon.

That's how our day is around here today...rain and more rain. I wonder what tonight will bring. More rain, maybe?


J said…
umulan din dito yesterday,more than enough to drench the ground.ang tagal pa ha.

ano ba yang provider ninyo.sige switch lang ng switch but nakakapagod din yan especially if they need to re-wire and install.

toxic naman pala ang weekend ni M. I didn't know that his business entails him to go on service calls sometimes. sa technology ba ang line of business niya?

I'm messed up more than ever with my allergy Tuks. I'm wearing my mask kung pwede lang 24/7 kasama pagtulog. I have this dry cough I assume caused by anything I inhale from the air. kaya yung central air namin nasa lowest setting.ang mahirap talaga pag natulog. I can't wait for my appointment with an allergist. give up na ako sa acupuncture.

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