House Hunting...

Not us...not yet, anyway.

My friend and her hubby who got married just a week ago is now busy doing just hunting. Last time I spoke with her, they haven't found a house so she was kinda' worried because they don't know where they'll be staying after the wedding. She and her husband live on opposite side of the city [near their respective jobs] so when they were still dating they only got to see each other mostly on the weekends. Well, that won't work now that they're husband and wife, obviously. They of course have to make a compromise and find a place somewhere in the middle since they can't [not anytime soon anyway] quit their respective jobs. I am hoping to hear from her as soon as they get back from their honeymoon to see what they've come up with.

Guess what? There might be a 'slight' change in plan as far as housing is concern. Like I mentioned in one of my posts here, they got married in Hawaii because that's my friends lifelong dream. As it turns out, they may have fallen in love with the place because as of this writing, they're looking at different Hawaii houses whenever they get the chance. Can it be that they're thinking of relocating there now? I'm a bit surprised because I didn't think my friend would decide so quickly. I know her to be someone who takes things in slow motion...plan, plan...and plan some more...before she decides. I guess marriage has changed her overnight? I guess so. This is all 'hearsay' for now I guess since I haven't personally talked to her but if she decides to do that and relocate in Hawaii...I would be one of the first to support her. The pictures she sent us show how happy she is right now. I'm guessing marriage and Hawaii are probably the reasons for that.


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