Finally...'s almost the weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This week has been a lazy one for me for some reason. I have no idea why but I really have to force myself to do some work...especially 'real work'. I'm hoping it's just temporary spell and that it would go away soon or I'd beeeee in big trouble...

Like right now...all I want to do is to get out of my 'cave' [aka home office] and just laze in front of that big black screen in the living room...but I still have a few minutes left in my schedule so I'm trying to be patient....

Tomorrow will be a busy day...again. But at least I don't have to be tied down in one place. Meaning...I can do the things I need to do without worrying that I may miss something if I go a wee bit far. Also, it's the weekend so I don't have to think about getting on the elliptical....but I may just go into it if I feel like it...ain't that ironic?

Anyway...enjoy the weekend everyone. As for me....I'll try. No promises though.....ciao!


J said…
hola! inulan ba kayo? I heard may heavy rains in some parts of FL. I hope your weekend plan was not stalled due to the rain.

inulan din kami but it was not heavy and it was at the end of the day. we were able to have brunch out as the day started quite nice.

take it easy.

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