What to Do???

I'm not quite sure which road to take. It's nothing major but it's something I have to do sooner or later...sooner is better, of course.

I've been eligible to become a citizen here for the last several years now. I'm perfectly happy to be just an immigrant to be honest since I don't have any pressing reason to become a citizen just yet. The only reason I can think of now where a US passport will be beneficial for me is if we travel in countries [which is a lot] where a Phil passport is not enough to gain entry. And to vote of course which the husband's been wanting me to do. One of my plans is to become a dual citizen because we plan of settling in the Philippines upon retirement but we still have a few years down the road before we decide where we would like to eventually retire...here or in the Phils.

So why am I so torn right now?

My Phil passport is expiring next year. Our embassy here no longer accepts mail-in renewals. It has to be done in person now. In Washington DC. Or any other Phil consulate offices that process passports. We don't have any consulate office here so I really have to travel somewhere for my passport to be renewed.


I can just apply for that citizenship and do it locally.

Hubby said we can do whichever I choose. If I decide to just renew my Phil passport, we can take a short vacay somewhere out there preferably in the winter so the little one can experience the snow. I'm thinking of just applying for the citizenship to get it over and done with...THEN apply for the dual citizenship.

So? Which way to go? Only time will tell....[and me, of course]...LOL...


Ciela said…
Whoa! so, you mean to say that you're not a US citizen yet? I'm impressed that you are still holding on to you Pinoy Citizenship! Do you need to apply for the dual citizenship? Akala ko kasi automatic na you'll retain your original citizenship if you happen to choose to be.. say, American.

I bet, mas maraming advantage ang pagiging "Kana" kesa sa pagiging Pinay. hehe..:D

Good luck Huling! and God bless!

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