Wardrobe Overhaul


I need it badly! I'm not really into fashion but I used to have a wide array of wardrobe in my closet. But that's when I was still working outside the home. The last I school I taught in is an international school where teachers are not in uniform. That meant I had to buy new women's apparel almost every payday. That's how I accummulated the 'wide array' of wardrobe. Now that I am a WAHM, I work mostly in shirts & shorts during the warmer months and sweats during the colder ones. Actually I just got the sweats I ordered online a week ago. The husband is not very happy with my choice of apparel lately. He really wants to get some new ones but I'm not sure if I should take him on his offer. I just think I shouldn't be spending money in buying clothes I'd probably wear only once a year. But if that's what the husband wants, then so be it, right? We're going to the mall again this weekend. Who knows I may just come home with a bag or two of new clothes. Hmmm...


Ciela said…
Wow, you're gonna go shopping! Sama ko! Lol!

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