Long & Short Term Plans


Since it's almost the end of this year I thought it would fun to jot down some short term plans as well as long term plans. The short temr plans are those feasible to attain or achieve during the coming year. The long term plans are those we want to achieve in at least 5 years to 10 years.

For the short term plans, I am hoping we can finally visit my family and friends back home. We also want to be able to finish furnishing our humble abode. As it is right now, it looks like we just moved in. I don't know why but we just had a hard time moving forward as far as furnishing & decorating are concerned because of our not so good experience with the guy we contracted to build our curio. Now that we finally got it, we're slowly but surely decorating our home.

For the long term plans, I guess the major one is our plan in someday owning a property in the Philippines. Our ultimate goal is actually to move there during our retirement years but we want to make sure first we have a place to retire in. In the past couple of years, hubby has been looking at metal buildings because one of his big plans in the future is to work in his own building. This plan is not actually 'that long term' because he wants to do it ASAP but I call it a long term plan because I don't see it happening next year. But then again...who knows? Maybe he'll get lucky and he'll have enough money to buy one soon. I guess I just have to wait and see...


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