I'm F-R-E-E-Z-I-N-G Cold!

Yep that's me...and I'm not kidding! The temperature is not really below freezing but it sure feels like it is to me. This is probably the 7th day, give or take a day or two...hehe...that it's this cold. It feels a lot longer than that though. We had some kind of a short break from it on Sunday as the temperature went higher than 60. Today...no such luck. It's in the 40s right now and the highest will only be in the 50s. The lowest was in the 20s and I was sound asleep [maybe?] when it happened.

Looking out the front yard, I see brown grass which was covered with thin frost this morning....and a polonia tree with dried leaves. Our maple and majestic beauty trees are withstanding the cold weather though. Their leaves are still green...for how long I have no idea. I believe the majestic beauty won't lose its leaves but the maple tree will. So it's only a matter of days before I see that one bald.

On some other news...I still don't know what to get the hubby for Christmas. Actually, we're not really buying each other gifts since we got something already that's considered a 'gift for Christmas'. I requested it...and he bought it. Fair enough? LOL...but the little one wants to get him something...and I have to look for it. So I'm not totally off the hook. I am hoping she'll be able to tell me exactly what she wants to get him soon...or we it won't make it in time for Christmas.


Emzkie said…
hello teacher Julia! ang lamig na nga super. dito below freezing point na. buti dyan sa inyo ma withstand pa ang cold. dito d na talaga..=(
anyway.. its been a while. =)

can we xchange links?


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