Home for the Holidays...


Don't we all like that? I actually don't know anybody who doesn't dream of being home for the holidays...including me, of course. I personally believe that the holiday season is best celebrated with family. I have my own 'home' now but I still can't deny the fact that until now, 'home' to me is 12,000 miles away. Sadly, it's been more than 10 years since I last celebrated Christmas [and other special occasions]. Almost every year, we make it a point to check different travel deals around this time of the year. Actually, we check months before the holiday season just in case we get lucky to visit my homeland. Travel fares are through the roof especially at this time of the year that's why we try to see if we can get cheaper fares for the the holiday season if we make reservations months in advance.

We've found some really great deals before but we haven't been 'lucky'. It seems everytime we plan a trip, something comes up. Still, I am hopeful that one day we will be able to do just that...celebrate the holiday season with my loved ones back home. My siblings are actually asking me this same question over and over. I tell them the same thing over and over as well...if and when we get the chance to visit, they will be the first to know.


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