Awesome Sports Network!

Post contributed by Noah Schmidt

When my friends ask what we should watch on television I always say, Fox sports. Fox sports is an awesome sports network which provides to the minute updates on the latest sports highlights and news. I used to have cable but now I use my Satellite TV installed because they have better sports packages, have better clarity when watching, and better prices. Anyway Fox sports gives you the scores of all the big games on a small bar going across the bottom of the screen. My favorite person on Fox news is Ron Coomer because I am a Minnesota Twins fan and love how he breaks down the performances of the teams and players. I also love how Fox sports provides interviews frequently so the viewer can see what each team plans to do pre and post game. They also cover each sport in the off-season which is helpful when you play fantasy sports like me. They also give you odds for fantasy picks. Fox sports is a great network that provides information to the viewer that other networks don't always cover.


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