I mentioned here a few days ago that Santa already delivered my Christmas gift. It's an elliptical. Like I said before, it's a personal request for moi and it was granted. The problem is I'm still trying to 'really' use it. I've been 'using' it for the past several days but I can't seem to stay on it longer than 10 minutes. My logs...err...legs just couldn't handle it longer than that. My knees start to fold after 5 minutues actually but I try to keep on going until I can no longer take it. Ugh!

Since I'm not having too much success with it just yet, I think I'm going to look for workout routines I can follow where an elliptical is used. The machine came with pre-programmed workouts but I have yet to really look at it and see if I can do it. I tried checking it yesterday while I was using it but with not much success. I think the only thing I understood is that the workout lasts 30 minutes. Huh? If I can't stay longer 10 minutes on it, there is no way I'll be able to finish the pre-programmed workouts in that machine. Hopefully I'll have more success looking for routines online.


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