It's Here!


My Christmas present arrived today. I mentioned here a couple of weeks ago that we went looking for it, We found what we were looking for but didn't buy it at the store. Why? Because we wanted to see if it's cheaper to get it online...and guess what? It IS cheaper to get it online...with free delivery. Ha! Anyway, I was waiting for it to be delivered the whole day because it shows in the UPS website it was out for delivery at around 5:30AM. It finally showed up at around 6PM. The truck was full of deliveries and we were probably one of the last stops. Oh well. At least the hubby was here already when it was delivered

Anyway, I'll be posting some pictures as soon as I can take snaps of it...and then you'll know what my Christmas present is....LOL. One's probably not what you're expecting it to be.


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