New Shoes for Me...


Surprising? Actually I don't have the new shoes yet...but I may need to get some in the near future. I've blogged about here numerous times that I don't really buy a lot of shoes. But it's just me. If I have a lot of money to blow, then it'll probably be a different story. Just to be clear, I like shoes just like any other girl out there...I just don't give in to the temptation...fortunately. Anyway, I have all the shoes that I need. I have a few pairs of sandals & dress shoes. What I don't have is a pair of running shoes or rubber shoes as we like to call them in the Philippines. But I'm planning to get me a pair of Reebok shoes this weekend so I'll have a pair I can use if ever we decide to go running or jogging or hiking or maybe biking. We've been planning in doing those things but until now we haven't done any of them. Hopefully we'll be able to do some this coming year. Maybe?


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