Lights Everywhere


The little is having a grand time watching our neighbors yard because they already put the Christmas lights on their fence this weekend. The neighbor in front of our house also has some colorful outdoor lights blinking with the big pop-up Santa and reindeer set in their front yard which amuse the little one to no end. Right now that's all she can happy with the neighbors' blinking lights because we haven't had the chance to put any lights outside. The only blinking lights we have for now are the lights we have on our tree which she herself [still] decorating. I thought she's done with it but when she came home last Sunday from a trip to the store with Daddy, she had some more stuff to hang on the tree. Surprise, surprise, eh?

Anyway, we're almost done with the Christmas shopping...I think. The little one wants to give Dad something but she hasn't decided yet what that could be. I told her she needs to decide before the week ends since we will be ordering it online. She said she'll tell me before the week ends so we'll see.


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