Mediocre Sports Fan


That's me. Actually, I was never a sports fan until I got a little older. I remember my brothers and my parents watching basketball on TV and I would either be reading or just listening to the radio. I was so anti-sport when I was in college I almost didn't pass 2 of my PE classes. I came up with every imaginable excuse I could think of so I won't have to play volleyball or basketball during PE time. I just didn't have drive to play any sports nor the interest to watch them being played by others. I only started getting [slightly] interested in sports when I was working already. My students played and as their homeroom adviser I was 'obliged' to support them. But that's as far as I went.

Now that I'm married to a football fanatic, I also turned into a 'mediocre' football fan. I don't sit down and watch an entire game but I stay informed about most of the teams. But even if I am no longer anti-sports, there are still sports that I cannot watch like wrestling or boxing. I have nothing against these 2 sports. I know wrestling is mostly staged but I just can't sit down and watch something where the players are 'intentionally' hurting each other to win....and where blood is almost always involve.


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