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Halloween....Thanksgiving....Christmas....New Year...

Four occasions that we celebrate and/or observe in this part of the world. Added to those 4 is my birthday which falls after Halloween so it's actually 5 occasions for me/us to observe. In the Philippines we only do the last 2. Halloween's trick or treatin' though is starting to catch up. Anyway, with these 4 occasions happening only weeks [or days] apart from the others, one can't help but gain a few pounds here and there. Why not when these occasions are normally filled with sweet goodies and yummy foods. I'd like to say I have self-control as far as chowing down these goodies is concerned but that is not the case. I tend to eat them until they're gone. Boo hoo...

This time though I'm hoping I'll be able to get rid of the weight I gained from way back when to the weight I'll gain during this holiday season...with the help of my new toy. If not, then I'd start contemplating whether I should take a drastic step and look into taking diet pills like lipofuse. I am hoping and praying I won't have to resort to that but who knows. I'm getting tired looking at my bulging mid-section. I'm also getting tired just looking at some clothes that used to fit me [and would look good on me].


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