First in the Family


Up until now, I cannot believe that I have a nephew who is a doctor. He is the first doctor in the family so we’re all proud of him. He always wanted to be a doctor It wasn’t easy for him to get this far. Actually, I thought I would never see him in green hospital scrubs because he kind of lost interest in pursuing a medical degree during his fourth year in college. He didn’t really say it directly but when he decided to work as a guidance counselor fresh out of college, I had a feeling he was no longer interested in becoming a doctor. His parents were somehow disappointed but supported his decision not to start medical school right out of college. They felt he just needed a break from hustle and bustle of being a student…and they were right.

After a year of being a guidance counselor, he decided to go back to school and pursue his childhood dream of becoming a doctor. As soon as his contract ended, he jumped right back into being a student…a medical student this time. My brother knew right off the bat that it would be financially challenging to send his son to medical school so they tried to cut corners if possible like buying discount scrub sets as well as used textbooks. I tried helping by looking for doctors scrubs for sale online whenever I get the chance. Thankfully, he graduated from medical school earlier this year. He is now busy preparing for the board exam in February 2011. This time, there’s only one thing I can do for him…pray that he makes it become a licensed medical doctor sometime next year.


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