Darrell Waltrip Is Great On Fox Sports

My favorite sports network has got to be Fox Sports. I love just about everything about that network, sports or non-sports. I remember growing up without cable, way back in the 80s, and there was only ABC, NBC, and CBS. ABC had Wide World of Sports that they broadcast on Saturdays, but really the only reason I even tuned in was to see the skier guy fall off the ski jump.

Then along came Fox. The way they covered NASCAR was unbelievable. Darrell Waltrip is in the booth with Fox Sports, and he knows all the tracks and all the drivers. I love that guy. In the beginning, I thought maybe he was hitting the brandy during the broadcast. But after a couple races I realized that is just the way he talks.

Whoever they put in the booth with him, it really doesn't matter. Darrell will talk over them, correct them, and generally make the other person look like an annoyance rather than a valid contributor. That's just the way Darrell is. He was a great racecar driver, I know that. I think he is probably just used to taking charge.

The NASCAR season is the longest in professional sports, but it's not long enough if you love it. I can't wait for the season to start again next year. I'll put my feet up, turn on the Direct TV specials, and listen to good old Darrell Waltrip call the boys down to the green flag. I can't wait!

Guest post written by my buddy Hans Hale


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